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Heads Tutorials (for heads in general, player heads and custom heads).

What's the difference between Player Heads and Custom Heads?
A detailed explanation as well as a video on the differences between player heads and custom heads.
How to create a Custom Head?
A detailed explanation on how to create a new custom head and its command.
How can I get heads in Minecraft?
How to get player or custom heads in Minecraft.
Why aren't my head commands working?
A list of common known issues with head commands and how to solve them.
How to get the skin of a head which is placed already?
A tutorial on how to get the skin of a placed head.
Heads Tag Trees
The full list of all tag trees for the heads section.
Heads Tags (Alphabetic)
The full list of all tags for the heads section, sorted alphabetically.
Heads Categories
The full list of categories for the heads section with the detailed description what goes into which category.
How to search for Heads
Tips and tricks how to search best for heads.
HD Heads
All you need to now about the legacy feature "HD Heads".
Loot Tables
A short introduction on how heads can be used in loot tables.
Keep NBT data on placed heads
Keep the NBT data even if a head is placed and dismantled again.