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Home » Wiki » Heads » How to create a Custom Head?

How to create a Custom Head?

A detailed explanation on how to create a new custom head and its command.

Tags: Custom Heads

First you have to create a Minecraft Skin. Focusing on the head portion of the skin.

You can design a completely new skin, or you can use an existing head as a base. You can download an existing head's skin file by going to the head page and selecting Download at the bottom.

To create skin designs, some people use programs like, Photoshop, and MCSkin 3D. You can also use free skin editors from sites like PlanetMinecraft, NovaSkin and The Skindex.

When your skin is finished, upload the skin to your Java Minecraft account, and generate a give code using our Head Command Generator.

Once you have created the give code, you can change back your skin without it affecting the newly generated head.