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What's the difference between Player Heads and Custom Heads?

A detailed explanation as well as a video on the differences between player heads and custom heads.

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Player heads

A Player Head is a skull that is linked to the current texture of a certain player in Minecraft. You can use those heads in any Java Minecraft version. Because the skull is linked to a player, the design might change to match the current skin worn by that player. If the player renames his account, the command might also not work anymore.

Minecraft-Heads regularly validates all player heads, updating or deleting heads that change too often or that do not reflect the expected head anymore.

Despite our validation, there is still no 100% guarantee that a head won't change texture.

If you use decorative heads on a Minecraft 1.8+ server, we recommend you use the more stable Custom Heads.

Custom heads

A Custom Heads is a head which is directly linked to a skin texture stored permanently on Mojang's skin server. Custom heads only work in Java Minecraft version 1.8 or newer and assign their own unique skin code from Mojang skin servers instead of a player name. This unique code acts as a placeholder for a player with an unchanging skin.

Because the skull is directly linked to the unique skin ID on Mojang's server, it acts as an unchanging player account, and the texture will always be stable.