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Heads Categories

The full list of categories for the heads section with the detailed description what goes into which category.

Tags: Custom HeadsPlayer Heads

Readable symbols that are part of a font collection or rune set. We try to provide a certain set of symbols for every font. The default font is the Oak Font.

Includes all animal heads showing an animal body part or head that do not have human characteristics (anthropomorphic). If the head can pass as a normal animal, despite clothes, they can be placed in this tag. If the head is too humanlike, it belongs in the "humanoid" tag.
Includes all heads which consists mostly from one material. What belongs in this category: the item does NOT consist of multiple materials, the item is naturally grown, and it's not manufactured.
This category includes all other heads, not fitting into the other categories, that can be used to enhance or decorate.
This category includes all heads of man-like races and other individuals with a humanoid apperance. The decisive criterion is the possibility to communicate with their environment - even if the ability to communicate is very limited (Hulk, Grooth, R2-D2, Chewbacca) or if it is a former ability (Zombies, Skeleton). This criterion makes this category the link between the categories "Humans", "Monsters" and "Animals".
This category includes all heads of humans, humans with special abilities or races which looks like human (Mario, Luigi) - the look is the decisive criterion here. Also equipment worn by humans (masks, helmets) can be found here.
This category includes all heads which doesn't fit in other categories. (icons, flags, etc)
This category includes all heads of non human or humanoid, uncommunicative creatures that fit the common term of "monster".
This category includes all heads showing fruits, vegetables, leaves, flowers, or other plants. Include carved plants like pumpkin emoticons or Jack O'Lanterns.