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Armor Stand Categories

The full list of categories for the armor stands section with the detailed description what goes into which category.

This category includes simple armor stand figures that interact with each other or with decorative objects. They consist of a head, chestplate, leggings, and boots without any attached or modified body parts. By changing the head, you can easily change the figure from a human to a zombie, elf, or any other desired character.

Animals that work independently and are not held, leashed, or carried by humans, such as service animals, can be found in this category.

This category includes all kinds of humans or creatures that are not animals or monsters and that are built using blocks or have attachments (such as wings, built-up arms, or bodies) added to the regular simple armor stand body.

Pure decoration objects that are portable and can be easily moved by humans.

Food, drinks, as well as empty food plates can be found in this category.

Items that are commonly used as furniture in houses, such as tables, chairs, and carpet.

Plants such as trees, or objects made primarily of greenery, such as flowerpots or wreaths.

Armor stand creations showing real frightening monsters.

Structures that are typically used outdoor such as statues, awnings, graveyards, streetlamps, and fire pits or campfires.

Vehicles, vehicle components, and other forms of transport that are usually driven by humans or humanoids.