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You can create your new head suggestion here.
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Piglin brute
by Anonymous
01 Jul 2020 19:06

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Suggestions for existing heads which could be improved go here.
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Fix the snowman head
by LordRazen
28 May 2020 11:14

Datapacks (2 topics)

You can create suggestions for new datapacks here. Please consider we provide datapacks which place decoration objects, we don't change gameplay functions.
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Re: Basket/furniture Datapacks
by 2057clones
10 Apr 2020 18:25

Work in progress... (13 topics)

A skin designer claims a request. If 6 months have passed since the last submission, the project will be released to other interested designers.
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Re: Marjory's Head-dump.
by Marjory_Pearce
17 Jun 2020 02:27

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All general discussions, questions or suggestions concerning the website Minecraft-Heads.com and the plugin "Head Database" go here.
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Re: why?
by Lylun
28 May 2020 23:14
All ideas how to improve the head database go here:
Heads with wrong names, missing tags or suggestions for new tags.
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Re: Heads Won't Work at All.
by Kiaria
26 Jun 2020 17:09

Screenshots (17 topics)

Here you can share screenshots how you use heads on your server.
Good screenshots might be posted on instagram.
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Re: My head screenshots
by LordRazen
26 Aug 2019 10:48

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Re: Creeper Assassin
by Kiaria
25 Jun 2020 08:47
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Re: More flag heads
by Kiaria
02 Jul 2020 06:44

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Re: userchange
by LordRazen
29 Jun 2020 13:06
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