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You can create your new head suggestion here.
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Black apple
by Nightmaresans
22 Aug 2019 18:36

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Suggestions for existing heads which could be improved go here.
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Re: Benton's Thread of Wanted Impr ...
by imjustbenton
24 Aug 2019 04:28

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A skin designer works on this suggestion...
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Re: PandaClod's "early access" pos ...
by PandaClod
24 Aug 2019 05:36

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All general discussions, questions or suggestions concerning the website Minecraft-Heads.com and the plugin "Head Database" go here.
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Re: Not working in 1.14.3
by LordRazen
18 Aug 2019 22:51
All ideas how to improve the head database go here:
Heads with wrong names, missing tags or suggestions for new tags.
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Mislabeled Heads #28
by DanganChihiro
22 Aug 2019 13:36

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Here you can share screenshots how you use heads on your server.
Good screenshots might be posted on instagram.
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My head screenshots
by imjustbenton
22 Aug 2019 23:41

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Re: Ninja
by Kiaria
22 Aug 2019 19:17
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Re: Screaming Ghast Head
by LordRazen
20 Aug 2019 08:21

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Re: This head is misnamed
by LordRazen
05 Aug 2019 20:27
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