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You would like to support Minecraft Heads?

Thank you already!

Patreon is one of the easiest ways to do so and you'll get amazing extras for your support:

Minecraft Heads Patreon

Patreon Silver

Visit Minecraft Heads without ads #

Nobody likes ads, I know, but this website is made possible by showing ads.

If you would like to enjoy your visit without ads, a Patreon membership is the best way to do so.

Afterward, both display ads and download ads for datapacks will be removed.

Display more records per page #

You would like to display more records per page? Here you go!

Patreon Gold

All features from Patreon Silver plus the following:

Early Access for new Content #

Wanna be the first who gets his hand on the latest content?

No problem!

Don't wait for the next head or armor stand creation release anymore: As soon as new content is scheduled for release you can already see and use it!

You'll see new heads and new armor stand creations with a blue highlighting as soon as they're available.

Early access for headsEarly access for armor stand creations

Early Access for new Features #

Want to see the newest features of Minecraft Heads as soon as possible?

No problem!

As a Patreon you can have early access to the latest features on Minecraft Heads and get more insights on what's planned.

Also your feedback will be taken into consideration to improve new features at its best before they will even be released!

This way you can be a part of the future of Minecraft Heads!

So: Thank you for your support already and see you on Patreon!


Minecraft Heads Patreon