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Leather Colorizer

Always wanted to have a plugin to quickly colorize your leather armors to bring more variety to your armorstand creations without messing around with endless Minecraft dyes?

Here's the solution: The Leather Colorizer plugin allows you to change the color of your leather armors easily!

Download Leather Colorizer

Leather Colorizer


  • Colorize Leather Armor Items and the Leather Horse Armor in any color you want easily.
  • Clean colored Armor Items easily.
  • Select your desired color:
    • Mix the color using Minecraft Color Dyes.
    • Modify the Color with Hue, Saturation and Brightness Controls.
    • Pick the color directly while clicking on colorized leather items.
    • Get the color directly with typing an RGB HEX Color Code.

Test the Plugin:

Test the plugin on the Minecraft-Heads Demoserver.


Leather Colorizer