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Head Database

Head Database

Head Database - About

Head Database by Arcaniax is a fast and user-friendly plugin that allows you to obtain thousands of custom Minecraft skulls that feature unique designs. This easy-to-use heads plugin gives you access to creative designing opportunities that overall enhance the quality of your builds, and gives creative freedom to yourself and your players. If you want to find more ways for your builds to shine, effortlessly, this plugin is for you!

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Head Database - Features

  • Access to all heads from
  • Easy to use GUI with multiple tabs and pages
  • Customisable tab which allows you to add your own heads
  • Vault, Item & PlayerPoints as currency supported
  • Advanced Search Function to browse for heads
  • Picking up heads that are in the database maintain their names
  • Suggest heads to future database updates

Head Database - Showcase

Head Database ShowcaseHead Database Showcase

Head Database - Testserver

Test the plugin on the Minecraft-Heads Demoserver.