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Loot Tables

A short introduction on how heads can be used in loot tables.

Tags: Custom Heads Player Heads

You would add custom or player heads to the loot of a certain entity or chest in Minecraft?

That's what loot tables are made for. 

Basically they exist in the game since Minecraft 1.9, but back in those days the loot tables had to be modified directly in the Minecraft .jar file. 

Since Minecraft 1.13, loot tables are now supported via datapack. 

Basically all you have to do is creating a datapack and add the loot table to the correct folder. 

As an example, a loot table for a sheep would go here: data\minecraft\loot_tables\entities\sheep.json

If you would like to edit another loot table and you don't know which file to edit, simply unzip the Minecraft.jar of the version you're playing and check the data folder.

Here's some example datapacks with modified loot tables for cows, pigs and sheep for several versions.