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How can I get heads in Minecraft?

How to get player or custom heads in Minecraft.

Tags: Custom Heads Player Heads Development

Get heads via plugin

If you are playing on Java Minecraft server, the easiest solution to get custom heads is to use our Head Database Plugin.

Get heads via command block

The give codes can be found on the head page when you select a head from our site. Choose the correct version of give code that matches the version of the game you are in.

The give code of a custom head is too long to fit into chat, so you must use a command block.

In order to use command blocks you must be in operator and creative modes.

With the following command, you can manually summon a command block into the game:

/give @p minecraft:command_block 1

Now enter the give code into the command block and activate the command block with a redstone pulse.

The head will appear in the empty inventory slot of the player nearest to the command block.


If have problems getting heads, have a look at this article: Why aren't my head commands working?