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Heads related to certain occasions.

Sub Topics


Heads that resemble animals from the Cervidae Family Taxonomy, such as deer, moose, elk, reindeer, antelope, gazelle, brockets, pudú, etc.

Humans, humanoids, animals, monsters, and items depicted on the first skin layer that are encased within an unbroken second skin layer of transparent ice.

Heads depicting a head, full body, body parts, or representation of a Penguin.

Head with a scarf around the neck.

Humans, Humanoids, Animals, and mobs with snow on their heads indicating they are a part of a friendly game of snow flinging. Also included are casualties of the fighting such as sideways snowmen and the snow projectiles.

A decorative sculpture, created with snow or ice, that depicts a creature. Creatures trapped in ice or covered in snow do not count.

A wide collection of heads related to winter or cold weather: Entities dressed for winter, snowy or icy blocks, creatures that live in icy biomes, entities made from winter materials, hot seasonal drinks, and more.