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Minecraft Heads Helpers

Learn how you can join the Minecraft Heads helper team if you would like to help with the website.

You always wanted to help with the Minecraft Heads website?

Since the Minecraft Heads project is getting bigger and bigger, we always search for interested people which are willing to help managing some parts of the website.

For example, this could be:

  • Help with the validation / tagging of the heads
  • Help with datapack creation
  • Help with moderating Discord / the forum
  • Help with plugin development
  • Help with website development
  • Any other help that you can think of


As a first step, join our Discord and give yourself the reaction role @Minecraft Heads Helpers in the #roles-assign channel to join the helpers group.

You will see a new area in Discord where we communicate with interested people and sometimes post tasks where we would need.

You'll get in further contact with the staff members and over time, you might even get part of the team.

See you in Discord!