Minecraft Heads v2.1

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Minecraft Heads v2.1

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Hello everybody,

after a long time without any updates I proudly announce the release of:

Minecraft Heads v2.1
This big update include many new features and improvements. Finally, you can see all your submissions in one spot!

Here's the overview about all new features:

Heads Area:
Add the "My Heads" section:
If you're a registered user and you validated your Minecraft account you now have access to the "My Heads" section from the Account menu. Within this page, you can see every head which was submitted through your account.

Add "Private Submissions"
Beside "Draft" and "Public Submission", "Private Submission" is now available as submission mode for the head command generator. You can use this mode if you would like to submit heads in private so they're not available for others.

You can learn more about our submission process behind the head command generator here.

Add Plugin Support
We started supporting other plugins which use custom heads or player heads in their syntax. You can activate the plugins you would like to see in your settings as a registered user. For now, we submit the HeadDatabase, Essentials, BossShopPro and Deluxemenus.

If you would like to learn more about this or have your own plugin supported by us, you can learn more about this feature here.

- Add Dropdown to switch between vanilla and server command on every heads page

Armor Stands Area:
- Add filter dropdown for a minimum supported Minecraft version

User Settings
The user settings were fully rewritten and many new settings have been added.
You can now choose your default submission mode for the head command generator as well as the supported plugins.

"Minecraft Heads" Wiki Section
We implemented a new wiki section called "Minecraft Heads". You'll can find articles around the website there.

- Improve layout shift through ads
- Many many more smaller fixes and improvements...

Minecraft Heads Helpers:
You always wanted to help with the Minecraft Heads website?
Since the Minecraft Heads project is getting bigger and bigger, we always search for interested people which are willing to help managing some parts of the website.
Join the @Minecraft Heads Helpers role in our Discord to be part of the team!
Learn more about the Minecraft Heads Helpers here.
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