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Plugin Support

A quick overview on our plugin support.

How to use the plugin support

Minecraft Heads supports plugins which uses heads in their configuration.

Here's the list of plugins we currently support: 

  • HeadDatabase (always shown, command for custom heads)

  • BossShopPro (menu templates for custom heads and player heads)
  • Citizens (command for NPCs wearing skins, either from a player of from an url)
  • Deluxemenus (menu templates for custom heads and player heads)
  • Essentials (command for player heads)

In order to activate the plugin support on a heads page, you have to login and activate the plugin you want in the settings page.

How to add another plugin to the plugins support

Many visitors often request a better plugin support. 

Minecraft Heads now offers a possibility for multiple plugins to be supported on our page.

If you're a developer and would like to add your plugin to the list of supported list, this is possible if the following conditions are fulfilled: 

  • Your plugin uses custom heads or player heads.
  • Your plugin has some kind of syntax or command which can be shown as a template.
  • Your plugin is not brand new and has a certain amount of downloads as well as a good rating on SpigotMC or similar platforms.
  • Your plugin is not a plugin which is similar to the HeadDatabase plugin.

Since we have a long lasting partnership with the HeadDatabase plugin, please understand we only promote this plugin as a custom head list. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

If the conditions from above are fulfilled, feel free to contact us so we can talk about further details.

If your plugin is supported on our website, we highly recommend to include a linked banner back to our website so people know about this.

This will of course also help our website, so thank you in advance already.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.