What are the Minecraft Heads Datapacks?

The Minecraft Heads Datapacks include armor stand creations which can be used to decorate your world.

After spawning the object, you are able to rotate it and move it.

It's our goal to build a large library with many creations to simplify and speed up the decoration with armor stands!

If you're good at building armor stands and would like to contribute to our collection, just contact us in the »forums or in »Discord.

Can I see the datapacks somewhere?

You can see a selection of the actual datapacks on the Minecraft Heads Demoserver:

IP: minecraft-heads.mcpro.co (Minecraft 1.13+)

How can I install a Minecraft Heads Datapack?

  1. Download the correct version of the datapack and put the .zip in the datapack folder of your Minecraft world: %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/<yourworld>/datapacks/

  2. Start Minecraft and enter your world or reload your Minecraft world (/reload). Ingame commands must be allowed!

The minimum version for datapacks to work is Minecraft 1.13!

How can I use a Minecraft Heads Datapack?

All our datapacks have one book for the main control options.

To get this book, run the main function of the datapack which is:

  1. /function #mch:mchXXXXXX_name-of-the-datapack
    XXXXXX is the number of the datapack which you can see in the name of the .zip-file

  2. Within the book you can summon the object. After you summoned the object, it can be modified with a chat panel.

  3. If you're done, you can finalize the object from the book so it cannot be edited accidently.

If you would like to avoid chat spam due to command output, turn of the following gamerule:
/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false

How can I remove armor stands?

As long as you didn't finalize the datapack, you can simply remove all armor stands with the "Restore object" option from the datapack book.

If you finalized the datapack, there's an option to remove entities summoned by our datapacks within the book.

If you don't have the book anymore, you can use the Minecraft /kill command:

Be careful with the /kill command, it can delete way more than expected!


Make sure you follow those rules:

  1. Backup your Minecraft world! Edits with the Minecraft /kill command cannot be undone!
  2. Use /minecraft:kill instead of /kill if you are on a server!
  3. Always limit the command to a certain type of entity and distance!

/kill @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,distance=..5]

I would like to contribute my armor stand creation. How can I do that?

You made an armor stand creation yourself and would like to contribute it to the datapack database?

You can easily do this:


  1. Download the »Armor Stand Tools datapack and install it in your Minecraft world (copy it in the folder %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/[your_world]/datapacks/ )

  2. Start Minecraft, enter your world and go to the armor stand creation.

  3. Start the datapack with /function minecraft:mch and click on "Read Armor Stand Data".

  4. Activate the gamerule first, then click on one of the "Read Data" buttons. The command should dump lots of informations to your chat.

  5. After you extracted the data, send us the latest.log from the folder %appdata%/.minecraft/log/ via Mail.

end faq