How to help improving the database

All ideas how to improve the heads in the database go here:
Heads with wrong names, missing tags or suggestions for new tags.
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How to help improving the database

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There're several ways how you can help to improve the database - even if you're no skin designer:

Please create a new thread every time you make new improvement suggestions!
As soon as the team got time, they can directly answer to your suggestions and ask questions about them if necessary!

1. Report misslabeled heads:
If you found any misslabeled or unknown heads, tell us about them!

We also got an own tag about unknown characters and creatures: ... /WhoIsThis

If you know anything about those heads tell us what it really is. You can also make tag suggestions for this head.

2. Tag suggestions
If you see a head but you know it should have a certain tag which is missing, post the URL and tell us which tag is missing.

You can also make suggestions for new tags - tell us the name of the tag and provide the URL of heads which should go there.

3. Report heads of low quality
This database exists since a few years now. That means there're old heads in there which have low quality:
Only one layer is used, the color are plain and don't havy any noise and stuff like that. Of course you've to keep in mind some heads showing blocks only need one layer and some comic characters simply dont have "noise" in their skin tone...

But nevertheless, you can tell us about old heads and we'll see if we delete them or try to improve them.

4. Alternative Search Rule
Alternative search rules are no implemented in the actual version of Minecraft-Heads, but we work on a new version where they'll be implemented. Those search rules help you to find heads which should also be found with another name - so something like a hidden tag.

Here're a few examples:
- "Chewbacca" should also be found if you look for a wookie (Character Name <-> Race)
- "Grey" should find heads named with "Gray" (different spelling in different languages)
- "Coffeemill" should be found if you look for "Coffee Grinder" (different words)

We already start collection those search rules so we can implement them in MCH v2.0 - if you got any ideas, let us know.

Please post the URL to every reported head, not the Give-Code, thx!

Thanks a lot for your help!
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