Discussion about the "Head Groups" feature

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Discussion about the "Head Groups" feature

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I would like to discuss the next feature in the making and know your ideas:

Head Groups

What's the idea:
  • You can make your own groups of heads. The "default" group will most likely be called something like "Your Favorites", just "Favorites", something like this. But you shouls also be able to create your own groups.
  • Why groups? Well I dont really want to mix this feature with the already existing "tags" (even if it's almost the same internally) and "collection" is already in use with the main, user and private collection. If you have a better idea for a name, let me know plz ^^
  • How to add to a group? On the overview and the head page, there'll be a "+" symbol which opens a small dialog. In this dialog, you have a dropdown with your groups and a confirm button which adds the head to your group. Below there's a link which opens another dialog where you can add a new group.
  • You can find your groups in the "Accounts" dropdown below "My Heads". The page will be similar to the "MyHeads" page, you have a dropdown on top where you can select your group and you have the usual controls beside it.
  • It will be only be possible to add heads to groups if they're public (main and user collection)
  • You shall be able to show your groups on your profile lateron.

Questions to you:
  • Opinion about the feature and it's realization in general
  • Name? Does "groups" fit?
  • Which solution to choose to add the head: dropdown or multiple buttons? (see discussion and images below)
Feel free to share your opinion and ideas about this feature here in the forum or in our Discord, channel #site-discussion
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