Welcome to Minecraft Heads v2.0

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Welcome to Minecraft Heads v2.0

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Minecraft Heads v2.0
Finally, today is the day! Minecraft Heads v2.0 is released and ready for your visit!

For those who don't know yet: Minecraft Heads v2.0 is a full rewrite of the actual website Minecraft Heads v1.0.

So what's new?
An improved search function, search for player heads and armorstands, the tag dictionary is implemented a lot better, an improved head command generator, an improved storage of the contributors and a lot, lot more!!!

Check out all the new features here!

How to get access to your account again
In case you had an account on v1.0 already, you can reclaim the account in v2.0 with the Restore Password function.

The Patreons got a huge boost and cool new features! Check them out now! :)

Silver Patreons
  • Use the improved head search
  • Use the improved list features, for example display more heads per page
  • Use some comfort features like displaying server commands ("/minecraft:give") instead of singleplayer commands.
  • Browse the website without ads
Golden Patreons
  • Get all features of Patreon Silver
  • Get early access to the newest features in development
Would like to join? Here you go :)


Thanks a lot and welcome to the Patrons!

In case you think you found a bug in Minecraft Heads v2.0, feel free to report it in the bug report forum.

We'll still have to do some changes to the content which will take a few days.

A big thanks!!!
At this point it's time for a big thanks!

Over the years of redevelopment, I had to much support from so many people!

Firstly: Many thanks to the Minecraft Heads team! Without the team taking care of most of the daily tasks, I wouldn't have enough time to keep developing the site! Kiaria and the tagging team do a great job with the daily head tagging process! The armor stand team prepares the weekly release and is always perfecting the creations to make them look as good as possible!

A special thanks also goes out to chimericdream, who has been a huge support to me in the last few months of v2.0 development on the front end! Where I am not such a big fan of responsiveness and styling, he found a place where he could support the development!

Also a big thank you to the Patreons who have stood by my side over the years! The main goal was always to make v2.0 possible. Now that has finally happened!

And last but not least: My girlfriend which always believed in my plan and supported me with ideas and sometimes moral support! You've no idea how often I went to my desk and started coding in the evening or during the weekends... Good to have you by my side!

So... now... the release is finally happening.

There were times where I didnt think I could finish this project and that it takes to much time, but I'm damn happy it's finally released! :D

Have fun visiting Minecraft Heads v2.0

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Re: Welcome to Minecraft Heads v2.0

Post by LordRazen »


Improved Heads Search
  • The search for heads improved a lot! By default, the search result now shows tags and heads seperated. In the old version, the result from all tags and heads were combined and shown as a result. This made it rather hard to find your head if it was from a certain tag. Now those results are seperated.
  • You can now search for player heads as well, directly from the start page.
  • You can include or exclude heads with a certain tag. With this new feature you can filter large search results to quickly find the head which fits best (Patreon).
  • Additional search feature like "exact search" or "search for id/s" are also available.
Head Command Generator
  • Instead of two generators for custom heads and player heads, there's only one Head Command Generator anymore. If the head exists already, the generator will directly lead you to the corresponding page. Else, it'll create custom head and player head commands and will contribute the head to our database.
  • If you're logged in, you have even more options: You can directly add tags and a comment to your submission in order to deliver more input for us, to name and tag the head correctly. You also have draft mode available if you dont want to submit your head.
  • The generator also has an improved doublette validation to find similar heads and skinfiles.
Heads Area
  • The former "Tag Directory" is now fully implemented into the website so you can browse our related tags easily and find even more related heads!
  • Player Head and Custom Head pages are now directly connected with a button if there's a player head available.
  • Instead of only the first contributor, we now list all contributors of a head on a heads page. Also the contributors are no longer static names, they're bound to player accounts (uuids in the background) so we also detect namechanges.
  • Featured tags (like Christmas etc), a random "Tag of the Day" as well as newest heads are now shown within the sidebar.
  • The heads are now seperated into a "Main Collection" and a "User Collection". Why the "Main Collection" include all the best heads, the "User Collection" will include all other contributions as well as they are somehow recognizeable and do not show illegal content. This is a preparation to develop further features so you can easily overview all heads you ever created!
  • You can display more heads per page and change the sorting by id, name and hits (Patreon feature)
  • Not a new feature yet, but I guess many will search it here: The API is still available as it was before and will be updated within one of the first bigger updates after the v2.0 release. The reason why the API wasnt modified yet is simple: A full web release is so much work and so many things might happen, I didnt wanna migrate the website AND the API at the same time to avoid problems ;-)
Armor Stands Area
  • The former datapacks area is now called "Armor Stands"
  • You can now search for armor stands by name and by creator.
  • Armor Stands are now also tagged so you can easily find related armor stand creations.
  • Not a feature, but very important at that point: If you want to regain access to your account, simply use the "forgot password" function.
  • Within our account settings, you can add your Minecraft playername. This playername is then used for the head command generator as well as the "My Heads" menu link, which quickly redirect to all your published heads.
  • As an additional comfort feature, you can also enable the "/minecraft:" prefix as well as your prefered Minecraft version for all commands (Patreon).
  • Instead of kinda messed up FAQ pages we now have a wiki were we organized all our info articles.
  • The website is fully responsive and can also be browsed on the mobile phone easily.
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Re: Welcome to Minecraft Heads v2.0

Post by Tommiebaker »

Actualmente también estoy usando Minecraft 1.19.0 apk y encuentro que funciona bien, vale la pena jugarlo.
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