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Alphabet (6721)

Readable symbols that are part of a font collection or rune set. We try to provide a certain set of symbols for every font. The default font is the [Oak Font]. You can also find all default symbols [URL||here].|In most cases, new fonts are not accepted by the first try. The designer works on the first few heads until they look great, then the rest of the font is generated by a script, if possible.

68447-gui-green-black-01GUI Green (Black 01)
68446-gui-green-black-02GUI Green (Black 02)
68445-gui-green-black-03GUI Green (Black 03)
68444-gui-green-black-04GUI Green (Black 04)
68443-gui-green-black-05GUI Green (Black 05)
68442-gui-green-black-06GUI Green (Black 06)
68441-gui-green-black-07GUI Green (Black 07)
68440-gui-green-black-08GUI Green (Black 08)
68439-gui-green-black-09GUI Green (Black 09)
68438-gui-green-black-10GUI Green (Black 10)
68437-gui-green-black-11GUI Green (Black 11)
68436-gui-green-black-12GUI Green (Black 12)
68435-gui-green-black-13GUI Green (Black 13)
68434-gui-green-black-14GUI Green (Black 14)
68433-gui-green-black-15GUI Green (Black 15)
68432-gui-green-black-16GUI Green (Black 16)
68431-gui-green-black-17GUI Green (Black 17)
68430-gui-green-black-18GUI Green (Black 18)
68429-gui-green-black-19GUI Green (Black 19)
68428-gui-green-black-20GUI Green (Black 20)
68427-gui-green-black-21GUI Green (Black 21)
68426-gui-green-black-22GUI Green (Black 22)
68425-gui-green-black-23GUI Green (Black 23)
68424-gui-green-black-24GUI Green (Black 24)
68423-gui-green-black-25GUI Green (Black 25)
68422-gui-green-black-26GUI Green (Black 26)
68421-gui-green-black-27GUI Green (Black 27)
68420-gui-green-black-28GUI Green (Black 28)
68419-gui-green-black-29GUI Green (Black 29)
68418-gui-green-black-30GUI Green (Black 30)
68417-gui-green-black-31GUI Green (Black 31)
68416-gui-red-black-01GUI Red (Black 01)
68415-gui-red-black-02GUI Red (Black 02)
68414-gui-red-black-03GUI Red (Black 03)
68413-gui-red-black-04GUI Red (Black 04)
68412-gui-red-black-05GUI Red (Black 05)
68411-gui-red-black-06GUI Red (Black 06)
68410-gui-red-black-07GUI Red (Black 07)
68409-gui-red-black-08GUI Red (Black 08)
68408-gui-red-black-09GUI Red (Black 09)
68407-gui-red-black-10GUI Red (Black 10)
68406-gui-red-black-11GUI Red (Black 11)
68405-gui-red-black-12GUI Red (Black 12)
68404-gui-red-black-13GUI Red (Black 13)
68403-gui-red-black-14GUI Red (Black 14)
68402-gui-red-black-15GUI Red (Black 15)
68401-gui-red-black-16GUI Red (Black 16)
68400-gui-red-black-17GUI Red (Black 17)
68399-gui-red-black-18GUI Red (Black 18)
68398-gui-red-black-19GUI Red (Black 19)
68397-gui-red-black-20GUI Red (Black 20)
68396-gui-red-black-21GUI Red (Black 21)
68395-gui-red-black-22GUI Red (Black 22)
68394-gui-red-black-23GUI Red (Black 23)
68393-gui-red-black-24GUI Red (Black 24)
68392-gui-red-black-25GUI Red (Black 25)
68391-gui-red-black-26GUI Red (Black 26)
68390-gui-red-black-27GUI Red (Black 27)
68389-gui-red-black-28GUI Red (Black 28)
68388-gui-red-black-29GUI Red (Black 29)
68387-gui-red-black-30GUI Red (Black 30)
68386-gui-red-black-31GUI Red (Black 31)
68385-gui-white-black-01GUI White (Black 01)
68384-gui-white-black-02GUI White (Black 02)
68383-gui-white-black-03GUI White (Black 03)
68382-gui-white-black-04GUI White (Black 04)
68381-gui-white-black-05GUI White (Black 05)
68380-gui-white-black-06GUI White (Black 06)
68379-gui-white-black-07GUI White (Black 07)
68378-gui-white-black-08GUI White (Black 08)
68377-gui-white-black-09GUI White (Black 09)
68376-gui-white-black-10GUI White (Black 10)
68375-gui-white-black-11GUI White (Black 11)
68374-gui-white-black-12GUI White (Black 12)
68373-gui-white-black-13GUI White (Black 13)
68372-gui-white-black-14GUI White (Black 14)
68371-gui-white-black-15GUI White (Black 15)
68370-gui-white-black-16GUI White (Black 16)
68369-gui-white-black-17GUI White (Black 17)
68368-gui-white-black-18GUI White (Black 18)

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