The goal of this website is, to be the best source for decoration heads in the internet. Therefor we check every source we know for new, high-quality skins. But the success of this project depends largely on the support and the publicity of this website. So please help us and support the project - the more people know of this website and make contributions, the more decoration heads can be offered here. 

There're several way how you can support us:

Best is to become a Patreon and support the project financially. As reward you can be part of project and co-decide about the future of the website.

But all kind of adverticing is also welcome: Feel free to use our banners in other forums or websites, recommend us on social media platforms or give feedback in one of our threads - everything support is welcome. Thanks a lot!

Become a Patreon

Minecraft-Heads is a very time consuming project and also cause several costs which have to be payed.

If you like my work and this project, I would be grateful if you decide to support this project financially! To be able to create new tools for the website a stable income is needed so I got the time to realize them. As a Patreon, you got the chance to decide how the future of the project will go on!

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Feel free to use those banners whereever you want.

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