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How to unlock exclusive content?

We are glad that you enjoy the exclusive content from

Here is how you can get it:


Step 1: Registration

All exclusive content is handled through the website. You'll need to »register first.


Step 2: Get some Emeralds

The local currency on Minecraft Heads is Emeralds. To unlock exclusive content like datapacks or datapack bundles, you'll need some of those first.

There are several ways to get Emeralds:

  • Join the »Patreons (Tier Gold or Tier Silver) and get a monthly budget of Emeralds as well as exclusive news on the development of Minecraft Heads v2.0 and an add-free website.
  • Buy some Emeralds via Paypal directly in our »Shop.
  • Win a raffle in our »Discord channel!
  • Win one of our contests.


Step 3: Unlock the datapacks

Once you have Emeralds or points, you can unlock datapacks and/or bundles on the website and download them directly.

You can continue to download a datapack once it has been unlocked on your account.

I achieved a datapack through other ways earlier. How do I unlock those again?

If you achieved a datapack through one of the following ways, we can unlock it for you:

  • You achieved datapacks through Patreon (regular datapacks or welcome datapacks)
  • You bought a datapack earlier through the Discord Donate Bot
  • You won a datapack through a contest
  • You created a datapack
If you are one of these cases, please contact us with:
  1. Your forum account
  2. Proof of having unlocked/ bought the datapacks
  3. A list of datapacks/ bundles you have purchased/ unlocked.

Why are Emeralds the currency on

There're plenty of reasons why we decided to establish this:

  1. Datapacks are now handled directly through the website. In the past, the datapacks were handled through Patreon or the Discord Donate Bot, but it wasn't possible to download them again or get a newer version later on. With a registered account on the site, this is now possible.
  2. There is now a more fair and more flexible system for Patreons. Patreons had been given exclusive datapacks each month, but the datapacks were chosen on their behalf. Now, the Patreons will receive a fixed monthly budget of points and can decide which datapacks they would like to unlock for themselves. Of course, once unlocked, it is possible to download the datapacks again at a later stage.
  3. More freedom with the exclusive datapacks and other future features to come. The emerald system easily allows raffles, contest prizes, giveaways, and much more. Account customization, user presents, participation for datapack creators, customization of your profile - we got plenty ideas for the future, you'll see ^^
  4. Paypal takes a very high fee for small payments, so we had to set a lower boundary for our prices. With the Emerald system, we can avoid this issue because a purchaser can spend unused emeralds on other exclusive datapacks later.

end faq