Head Displays is a unique plugin which allows you to display text and placeholders in a fancy way.
This plugin also allows you to modify the display in many ways to customize it to match your preferences!

» Download Head Displays

(made by Arcaniax, stored on spigotmc.org, you've to be logged in to see the plugin's page)

  • Fancy way to display text to players.
  • Multiple Playerhead Fonts to choose from.
  • More Fonts can be supplied by having »Head Database
  • Easy-to-use GUI for modifying displays.
  • Placeholder API support for all of your placeholder needs.
  • Client-sided displays for personalized information

If you want to get this plugin you can do this here: »www.spigotmc.org

Make sure you’re logged in at SpigotMC, otherwise you won’t have access to the plugin’s page.

See the plugin working:

Test the plugin on the »Minecraft-Heads Demoserver.

IP: minecraft-heads.mcpro.co