If you’re looking for a plugin for your Minecraft Server, which offers an easy access to decoration-heads like in this database, the "Head Database" made by Arcaniax should be your first choice. 

» Download Head Database

(made by Arcaniax, stored on spigotmc.org, you've to be logged in to see the plugin's page)

Right now, the plugin offers more than 40.000 heads and it’s possible to add your own heads easily within the configuration. The heads are split into categories and available through a simple interface. It’s also possible to search for heads in the plugin. 

Here’s the main feature list:

  • Access to all heads from www.minecraft-heads.com
  • Easy to use GUI with multiple tabs and pages
  • Customisable tab which allows you to add your own heads
  • Vault, Item & PlayerPoints as currency supported
  • Advanced Search Function to browse for heads
  • Picking up heads that are in the database maintain their names
  • Suggest heads to future database updates
  • Exclusive heads for this database only


If you want to get this plugin you can do this here: » www.spigotmc.org

Make sure you’re logged in at SpigotMC, otherwise you won’t have access to the plugin’s page.


Test the Plugin:

Test the plugin on the »Minecraft-Heads Demoserver.

IP: minecraft-heads.mcpro.co