2016-11-08 500k visitors reached the mark of 500.000 visitors on the welcome page.  

2016-11-07 Start of the Account-Head-Database
The Account-Head-Database was added and around 400 heads, collected from all available sources for account-heads in the internet, were validated and submitted. The goal was to enlarge the range of functions, so that people who still use account-heads will find heads here, too.
2016-04-16 Decoration with custom heads

Today, the german youtuber Mulenja published a video about decoration in Minecraft and the use of custom heads. Thanks a lot for the support of this website!

2015-07-28 Head-Project on Planetminecraft

A map with the first 1700 heads of was published it on » Planetminecraft.  

2015-07-13 Launch of

On the 13th of July 2015, went online. 

Since I already managed a minecraft-server since november 2013, I started to collect heads early. In the beginning, I used Account-Heads, later the UUID-Heads. My own collection had around 1200 heads and the handling started to be difficult. A better method to store and organice the heads was needed and this website was build.

The first heads to be submitted were the following: