2017-05-28 Suggestions

Added the suggestion feature.

2017-05-26 Restructuring

During the last few days, the main menu structure of was rebuilt to guarantee a quick access to both databases at all time. Furthermore, you can now get a code to summon an armorstand or to set a block with the texture of the selected skull on every head's page.

2017-05-18 1 million visitors finally reached the mark of 1.000.000 visitors on the welcome page.

2017-05-16 Validation of Account-Heads

The Account-Head-Database is validated regularly to check, if the accounts still have the same username and the same skin. From today on, the date of the last validation can be seen in the menubar on top of the Account-Head-Database.

2017-05-05 moved to another server

During the last few weeks, had several performance problems. Today, the website moved to another server which is capable of the increasing traffic, so there should be no more downtimes during the weekends anymore.

2017-04-27 Skinchange and News

You can see the date of the last detected skinchange on every itempage in the Account-Head-Database. 
The latest news can now also be read in the news-section, available on the welcomepage.

2017-04-23 Validation & Tagging
After the combination of the database from the "Head-Database"-plugin with our own database, it was necessary to validate all submitted heads. With newly created tools, we validated the give-command for unnecessary data, identical syntax and for a correct functionality (last validated id: 4979). 
After the validation was done, the complete database was tagged again to allow an easy search for similar or related heads with tags. During the tagging process, the new category "humanoid" was created. This category is supposed to be the link between the categories "humans", "monsters" and "animals" - everything which doesnt really fit in those categories will go there.
2017-04-21 Skin Download

Added a link to every itempage where you can download the skin of a head. If you want to modify a decoration-head, this is your easiest way to start.  

2017-04-01 Cooperation with server plugin "Head-Database" started a cooperation with the server plugin "Head-Database". The final goal is to connect the plugin and the database. Therefor, there's plenty of work to do - so check out the news!   

2016-12-14 UUID-Heads-Generator has it's own generator for UUID-Heads now.