2017-12-02 Video made by JerenVids

Today, the youtuber JerenVids published a video about the use of custom heads for christmas!

2017-11-15 Video made by BellaFaccia

Today, the youtuber Giocosporco published a video about the creation of burning candles with custom heads in vanilla Minecraft!

2017-11-07 on Instagram

From today on, got its own instagram account. You'll get the screenshots with shaders there, showing the excellent usage of decoration heads in Minecraft.

2017-11-07 Video from MCStacker

Today, a new video was published on the channel of MCStacker, teaching how to use with the MCStacker to get custom mobs with custom heads. Thanks a lot for the support of this website!

2017-10-29 on Twitter

From today on, got its own twitter account. You'll get the latest news right away as well as nice impressions for the excellent usage of decoration heads in Minecraft.

2017-09-27 PetBlocks

Always wanted to have pets on your server?

From today on, another plugin cooperates with PetBlocks uses the pets from this website. So if you're interested, feel free to download the plugin ^^

2017-09-01 Alphabet Update

A few weeks ago, you voted for colored font heads on During the last weeks, we worked hard to create those fonts and update, improve and complete all other fonts. Right now, has 26 different fonts with a minimum of 108 different symbols. Thanks a lot to ChimpD, Arcaniax and Adols for their help with this update. It'll probably be the largest update ever: 2531 heads were updated or added. Since we don't want to break the frame, no further fonts will be added in nearer future unless the font is really astonishing.

New fonts: Updated / completed fonts:


2017-08-06 Submit player heads

From today on, you can submit suggestions for player heads to, too. Those heads are basically Minecraft accounts, so if you use a nice skin on your account and you never plan to change it, you can submit your account using » this form. We will validate the head and if it fits our standards it will be submitted to the player head database.

2017-07-30 Suggestion Forum

From today on, got a new feature: the suggestion forum. You can find it in the top menu if you click on "suggestions". As before, you can create suggestions there, but in contrast to the old solution, you can get response from staff members and other players after your suggestion has been approved. Right now it's not possible to register in the forums so you can only post as guest. Keep in mind we don't have the ressources to realise every suggestion!

We're waiting for your suggestions :-)

2017-07-18 Pets with custom heads

Today, the youtuber MrCrayfish published a tutorial about minipets without mods in Minecraft. Thanks a lot for the support of this website!

If you guys would like to create one of those pets on your own, have a look at this video and look for the heads with the tag "Pets" here.