2017-07-07 Video made by Giocosporco

Today, the italian youtuber Giocosporco published a video about this website and the use of custom heads in Minecraft. Thanks a lot for the support of this website!

2017-07-06 on Facebook

From today on, got its own facebook page. You'll get the latest news right away as well as nice impressions for the excellent usage of decoration heads in Minecraft.

2017-06-16 Loot tables with custom heads

Yesterday, the youtuber xisumavoid published a video about this website and the use of custom heads for loot tables in Minecraft. I took the idea and added a new function on every head's page which shows you the code for loot tables. Feel free to use it for your custom monster drops. If you want to see the original video from xisumvoid you can do this here:

2017-06-15 Connection to Minecraft Armor Stand

From today on, is linked from "Minecraft Armor Stand" - a website made by Haselkern to generate ArmorStands in custom positions with a certain equipment. You can use the Give-Codes from this website to put the Head on top of the ArmorStand.

2017-06-07 Connection to MCStacker

Today, Minecraft 1.12 was released as well as the new version of the MC-Stacker, a command generator for administrators and map makers. is linked as a head generator and visible if you use a human head as equipment.

2017-06-01 Head Database v3.0

Today, the first version of the server-plugin, which is connected to was release on spigot: Head Database v3.0 includes all heads from this database automatically. There're also a lot of other features to make it comfortable to get heads ingame and more will be added in future.

2017-05-30 Contributor list & Pokemons

Fixed the skin download and added the list of the top contributors to the custom head generator's page. If you submit a head to the custom head database and it's accepted, you're credited on the head's page. Beside this, lots of new heads were submitted, including pokemon heads like you guys requested.

2017-05-30 Database rename

In order to use terms which are as widely-used as possible, the two databases were renamed to "player heads" (former Account-Head-Database) and "custom heads" (former UUID-Head-Database). Additionally, the menus were adjusted, the latest news were submitted to the start page, the FAQ were rewritten and the page "support us" with banners was submitted.

2017-05-28 Suggestions

Added the suggestion feature.

2017-05-26 Restructuring

During the last few days, the main menu structure of was rebuilt to guarantee a quick access to both databases at all time. Furthermore, you can now get a code to summon an armorstand or to set a block with the texture of the selected skull on every head's page.