2020-08-31 How to build a cotton field

andyisyoda published a tutorial how to build a cotton field in Minecraft with custom heads! Thanks a lot for the support!

2020-08-21 Minecraft Heads has been hacked

Minecraft Heads got hacked yesterday and personal data (usernames, emails and encrypted passwords) got leaked to the internet. Cause of this, several parts of the website (including the API) are down. I'll inform you about further details and measures as soon as possible.

Who does this affect?
Only people who have created a Minecraft-Heads account on our site in order to post to forums.

What does this mean?
If you made an account on the site to post in our forums, your email and username (already public on the site) were listed next to your exposed password for the MCH site. The passwords were leaked in encrypted, not text, form.

What should I do if I have a forum account?
If you use the same password for other accounts, change your passwords. This will prevent anyone connecting you with other things you may share the password with ... and it's good internet safety to change passwords often on all your accounts.

Will this affect access to database and ability to submit heads?
No. This only affects people who made a forum account.

For further information keep an eye on the news.

If you have any questions, feel free to join us on »Discord.

2020-08-15 Datapacks updated

The datapack section was upgraded: You can download datapacks which are compatible with Minecraft 1.16 now. This new datapack was necessary due to a change in the command syntax.

Also all exclusive datapacks were updated and can be downloaded at » Patreon now (Tier Gold).

2020-07-15 20 Custom Head Building Tricks

AverageTunaSandwich published a new video with 20 custom head building tricks! Have a look! ^^

2020-07-03 Release of Minecraft Heads v2.0 alpha 0.1

After several months of coding, the first official release for Minecraft Heads v2.0 is published exclusively for Patrons.

If you would like to be part of the further development of the website, get exclusive insights and previews on whats about to come and discuss new features, I invite you to join the Patrons and support the Minecraft Heads project!

» Support Minecraft Heads on Patreon


I proudly present the


IP: (Minecraft 1.15.2)

Key Features:

  • Test out all the heads on the build area
  • Test the HeadDatabase plugin
  • See the newest datapacks in action
  • Get tons of inspiration on what's possible in Vanilla Minecraft

Feel free to explore the islands and try to find every hidden secret.

And overall: Just have fun ^^

2020-06-20 7 million visitors finally reached the mark of 7.000.000 visitors on the welcome page.

Thank you for all the support of the project!

Special thanks to Kiaria and PandaClod, who both help a lot with tagging and moderating the forum and discord and thanks to all the Patrons which support the project financially.

Thanks a lot!

2020-05-29 30.000 custom heads

The database for custom heads finally reached 30.000 heads!!!

2020-05-13 Minecraft-Heads on Instagram got 10.000 followers!!!

Minecraft-Heads is active on Instagram since quite a while now, very active since last September and today is the day:

We finally reached 10.000 followers!!! Thank you so much for your support!

I really hope you enjoy the content, there'll also be a few more changes in the next few weeks, hope you'll like them ^^

2020-03-29 Get 25% discount on your new Minecraft Server

Today we got awesome news for you: is now an official partner of », an excellent Minecraft server host!

With our promo code, you get 25% discount on a new Minecraft server and still support our project!

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