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2019-11-25 Screenshot Contest #2: Christmas

Hello, Everybody!

Days are getting longer, it's getting cold outside, and snow is falling. Christmas is coming!

It’s time for a screenshot contest on Minecraft-Heads.com! The topic is "Christmas" or “Holiday Festivities” (of course).

Create a screenshot showcasing your creation!

» Read further information about the contest!



2019-10-14 Support Minecraft-Heads and become a Patreon

Minecraft-Heads can finally be supported via Patreon.

This website is a free service for all of you, but for me ( » LordRazen) as the owner, it comes at a price and I've to invest a lot of time into the project.

In order to be able to further maintain this service and develop new features, I'm dependant on your support!

So if you like this website and what you can do with heads in Minecraft, I invite you to consider to » support this project as a Patron and enjoy some benefits.

Thank you very much!

2019-09-21 5 million visitors

Minecraft-Heads.com finally reached the mark of 5.000.000 visitors on the welcome page.

Thanks you for all the support of the project! Special thanks to Kiaria and PandaClod, who both help a lot with tagging and moderating the forum and discord!

2019-08-29 BlueCommander

Minecraft Heads got a new partner website: » BlueCommander. Visit this website for plenty of datapacks and useful generators!

2019-06-07 Minecraft-Heads Dictionary

Finally, after several months of work, the first version of a dictionary for Minecraft-Heads is published. It includes definitions for all tags and categories as well as grouped tags, so you can easily find related tags for your project.

  • Tags (grouped): Include tags, organised by a theme or topic excluding entertainment tags.
  • Tags (entertainment): Include all entertainment tags, organised by its type or publisher.
  • Tags (alphabetic): Include all tags in an alphabetic order.
  • Categories: Include the definitions of all categories.

Still there's a lot more to do. Right now the dictionary is a bit slow, but at least you can finally use it ^^

Thanks a lot to everybody who helped developing it, especially Kiaria, PandaClod and Gysan.

2019-06-06 Skin Contest #1: Celebrating 10 Years of Minecraft - The Winners
#1: Aquaristic
#2: PandaClod
#3: Zero the Hedgehog

Congratulations to all winners ^^

2019-04-25 Avengers are coming for you, Thanos!

AverageTunaSandwich published two new videos and showed, how to create important devices from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks a lot for the support!

2019-04-16 Screenshot Contest #1: Easter - The Winners
#1: Kiaria
#2: PandaClod
#3: Marjory Pearce

Check out » this thread to see all other entries.

Congratulations to all winners ^^

2019-04-14 4 million visitors

Minecraft-Heads.com finally reached the mark of 4.000.000 visitors on the welcome page.

2019-01-28 URL Structure Update

The URL structure of Minecraft-Heads.com was changed - some old URLs might not work anymore.