2021-10-05 12 million visitors finally reached the mark of 12,000,000 visitors on the welcome page.

Thank you to everybody who supports the project! Without you guys - the Minecraft Heads Team, the Patrons and you people who add new content - all this wouldn't be possible!

Thanks a lot!

2021-07-25 11 million visitors finally reached the mark of 11,000,000 visitors on the welcome page.

Thank you to everybody who supports the project: Kiaria and Minecraft Heads Team which care about many parts of the website as well as all the Patrons which support the project financially!

Thanks a lot!

2021-07-13 is turning six years! is turning six years today! Time to celebrate!

Of course we prepared some specials for you:

  • Have a look at our newest »timelapse video! It shows how the Minecraft Heads Anniversary Cake was built!

  • Of course you can also get the Anniversary Cake and two variants as »datapack for your server, too.
    Wanna get them all? There's a new »datapack bundle for all cakes!

  • If you would like to win some FREE EMERALDS to unlock datapacks of your choice:
    The first raffle where you can win Emeralds starts in our »Discord soon. Feel free to join ^^

Thanks a lot to everybody, who helps with this project!

2021-06-06 18 More Custom Heads design & decorations in Minecraft

AverageTunaSandwich published another video with 18 more custom head design and decoration ideas for Minecraft! Thanks a lot for the support!

2021-05-22 Timelapse: The Angry Pufferfish

Check out how the Pufferfish datapack was build in this awesome timelapse video!

Special Thanks to Teeedddyyy, Hotzen and Nattving.

2021-05-17 Datapack Section Update

After a few months of waiting and the mark of 10,000,000 visitors last week, it's time for the next big release:

The Datapack Section Update

This update brings tons of new features to the website, so lets start:

  • All datapacks are now handled within the website. Just »register, unlock the datapacks and you'll always be able to download the newest version!
  • »Datapacks bundles are now available so it's possible to unlock related datapacks with a discount.
  • Datapacks are now sorted via category. Every datapack has one specific category, similar to the heads. Tags and a search is also planned.
  • Minecraft Heads got it's own website currency now: Emeralds
    You can get Emeralds within our »Shop or as a »Patreon (Tier Silver and Gold). You can use Emeralds to unlock datapacks.
  • The functions to start datapacks changed. Instead of /function #minecraft-heads:... you can just start them with /function #mch:..., which is a lot shorter.
  • The Discord Donate Bot was turned off since all datapacks are now handled through the website.


Now you'll probably wonder, what happens if you achieved a datapack already.

Well, of course we will unlock those again! Just register, contact us and provide some details which datapack was achieved in which way and we'll unlock it again.


This update is another step towards Minecraft Heads v2.0, which should be a more community based platform.

If you would like to know what comes next, feel free to support the project and join the »Patrons. There's plenty more to come...


Now it's time for you to test our new features!

Have a good time,


2021-05-10 10 million visitors just reached the mark of 10,000,000 visitors on the welcome page.

When I started this project back in 2015, I never thought this will reach so many visitors one day.

I just started this website because my head collection on a local map was not practicable anymore and I tried to find a better solution. Who would have thought, others would be interested in the same way.


However, it's time to put out a big thanks, since this website as it is today would not be possible without a lot of help:

First of all: Special thanks to Kiaria! She joined the project very early and has helped with tagging, forum and Discord moderation since several years now! Thanks a lot, I really value your help!

Also a big thanks to the Minecraft Heads Team, which has grown a lot during the last year! Together we work hard to monitor and prepare new content!

Special thanks to all the »Patrons who have supported the project financially.

And last but not least: All the other helpers around the website, who helped with naming, tagging, finding bugs and more.

Thank you for all your help! You guys are awesome!


And now it's also time to spread some news:

Many of you heard of "Minecraft Heads v2.0" as some kind of myth for a long time.

I work hard on the further development of the website and actually, v2.0 will not be released in one day - it'll be released in several steps.

One of those releases already happened with the update of the datapack section in the beginning of the year.

And well... with 10 million visitors reached, it's time for the next release, so stay tuned ^^

2021-03-28 Screenshot Contest #5: Easter - The Winners
#2: SomethinChickens
#3: LizardHD1

The winners were determined by Kiaria, AverageTuna, enderfussel and LordRazen.

Congratulations to all winners :-)

2021-03-24 16 Custom Heads design & decorations in Minecraft!

AverageTunaSandwich published a video with 16 custom head design and decoration ideas for Minecraft! Thanks a lot for the support!

2021-03-22 9.4 million visitors reached the mark of 9.400.000 visitors on the welcome page. 

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