2022-11-24 50.000 Custom Heads

We finally passed the amount of 50.000 custom heads!!!

Thanks a lot to Kiaria and the tagging team which helped so much with tagging during the last years!

And thanks to you: The users! Without you, submitting great heads all the time, this database wouldnt be possible!

So lets go for 100.000 heads! cool

2022-08-08 Minecraft Heads v2.0 Backend Preview

After a long time of development there is finally enough progress around Minecraft Heads v2.0 that I can fill some videos with it and show it to you!

Within a few videos I would like to show you the progress in the backend, where you can already see the future features for the frontend!

Here and today I can show the very first video about the backend submission list and the related new features like improved doublette validation, the change in contributors, comments on head submissions, main and user collection as well as auto tagging.

Feel free to give any feedback you like!


Part I: Submissions

»Playlist with all videos around Minecraft Heads v2.0


2022-05-23 100.000 submitted heads

Minecraft-Heads just had it's head submission #100.000 from a User named 84gc!

Amazing to see how many heads you guys already submitted!

Thanks a lot for your contributions!

2022-04-14 15 million visitors finally reached the mark of 15,000,000 visitors on the welcome page.

Thank you to everybody who supports the project! Without you guys - the Minecraft Heads Team, the Patrons and you people who add new content - all this wouldn't be possible!

Thanks a lot!

2022-03-02 Video on how to make Custom Heads, made by Eyecraftmc

Eyecraftmc published a video on how to create your own custom heads in Minecraft!

A full tutorial how to create your own custom head from the design to the final command. Really an excellent summary which will surely find it's way into our FAQs.

2022-03-01 Cooperation with server plugin "Head Displays" started a cooperation with the server plugin "Head Displays".

With this plugin, you can easily display texts using heads from our alphabet section.

Since the placeholder API is supported, you can even make more dynamic texts: Welcome your users personally, show the time or build countdowns! The possibilities are limitless!

2022-01-30 Player Heads and Custom Heads in Minecraft

Eyecraftmc published a totally amazing video about player heads, custom heads and the usage of this website.

Really a great video which I recommend to everybody who would like to know a bit more about heads!

2022-01-24 The Plugin Section

Since several years, you can get the best heads and datapacks to decorate your world on

But I always want to go further and also give you the best tools to further improve the decoration possibilities on your server!

So I am very happy to announce the new »Plugin Section on the website!

There you will find a set of plugins, which allows you to push the decoration possibilities and the usage of heads to its limits!

Beside the well known »Head Database plugin, we just released a new plugin:

»The Leather Colorizer 🎨
With the Leather Colorizer plugin, you can colorize any leather armor item in every color easily. No more problems with endless dyes in Minecraft!

Special thanks to Maccynator, the Co-Developer of the plugin!

Check out the plugin »here!

2021-12-17 Screenshot Contest #7: Christmas - The Winners
#1: Mathys
#2: Blueeyestar

The winners were determined by Kiaria, enderfussel and LordRazen.

Congratulations to all winners :-)

2021-10-22 Screenshot Contest #6: Halloween - The Winners
#1: CeroBeta
#2: Deppy
#3: EL___

The winners were determined by Kiaria, AverageTuna, enderfussel, Nattving and LordRazen.

Congratulations to all winners :-)