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23 Nov 2021 03:23 #1 by SakurasouShiina
SakurasouShiina created the topic: Remove Annoying Video Ads
I understand that the Database website has to make money somehow, and ads are one of the methods. However, this brand new video ad that has appeared is taking things a step too far. No matter what you do, this short video ad will appear in the bottom right of the screen. If you click the x to get rid of it, it will just reappear the next time you click on the page. In fact, in the process of making this forum post, I had to deal with it a total of four times! One just opening up the website, another clicking on the forums, a third clicking on the specific forum to post in, and the fourth and final time writing this very post! This is outrageous.
If a video ad is being kept at all, it needs to be located somewhere else and made less obtrusive. As it is, it's annoying and makes it hard to see anything on the website. It clutters the page and hides something you could be looking for. The other two banner ads are tolerable as they are in areas that do not have real estate already being used. They are placed in blank space, not on top of the content you're trying to find. They follow ad etiquette, if that is such a thing. Once again, I realize ads are needed to help support the site. I understand that, and that's why I don't usually make a big fuss about the ads. However, this new video ad crosses a line. I hope the team will take a look and address this issue.

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24 Nov 2021 16:34 - 30 Nov 2021 00:49 #2 by LordRazen
LordRazen replied the topic: Remove Annoying Video Ads
Hi Dangan,

Thanks for the feedback.

Minecraft Heads changed the advertising publisher a few days ago.

One of the reasons: The last publisher didn't provide a good way to remove a certain ad; this stopped a user from moving to the next page before they closed the specific ad.

So, basically it was an overlay ad which stopped you from using the website properly.

I wanted to improve this, but well... nothing is perfect from the beginning, and lots of stuff is still in the making - as always for a new cooperation.

But before I request the next changes, I would like to watch things for a few days before I take actions.

Right now, the Video ad is a good testing indicator since there are problems with ads on certain platforms.

You'll see the changes during the next days, sorry for the inconvenience during that time.
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