Minecraft Heads - Screenshot Contest #5: Easter

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LordRazen created the topic: Minecraft Heads - Screenshot Contest #5: Easter

Hello, Everybody!

Easter is coming! Time for the next screenshot contest on Minecraft-Heads.com.

Create a screenshot showcasing a scene celebrating Easter (egg hunts, bunnies, egg decorating, holiday or family traditions, etc)

+ The screenshot must include MANY decorative heads with a decently finished backdrop or setting. The more heads shown in your shot, the higher the chances of winning.
+ Modified armor stands are allowed.
+ Use the DEFAULT RESOURCE PACK. Shaders is allowed.
+ The work must be your own. Theft or plagiarization will not be tolerated.
+ Only one entry per group/person will be accepted into the competition.
+ Post one full resolution screenshot in the #screenshot-contest section of our Discord, or in this thread.
+ Tell us about your scene so there is context behind your picture. What is your local holiday? How is it celebrated?

By entering, you are agreeing to allow Minecraft-Heads to use the image with credit to yourself as the artist.

+ First place winner will win a choice of 3 exclusive datapacks. Second place will win 2, third place will win one exclusive datapack.
+ Youtuber AverageTunaSandwich will give an official shout-out in an upcoming video to the top winning entry if they use his head as part of their scene (IGN: AvrgTuna).
+ We'll post the winners in our Site’s Hall of Fame , and the top entries will be featured on our social media accounts.
+ We'll create datapacks from the best armor stand creations in the screenshots and publish them in the datapack section with credit to the artist.

The contest will end on March 22nd. The results will be published shortly after.

Curious to see your entries ^^

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