Update 25th June: The texture problem is 100% solved! Mojang reacted to our bug report - a lot quicker than expected, your votes for the issue in the bug tracker probably helped. They restored the skinfiles to the server so all heads work again!

Dear Mojang,

over the last few years, we all enjoyed the excellent game you developed. Minecraft gave us so many possibilities to create the world of our dreams - thanks for that! In 2013, you also added the possibility to add custom heads via snapshots of skins and you told us » that will never change. Since that day, many players started to create skins to decorate the world with heads, showing an endless variety of items, plants, monsters and much, much more. Large databases were build so others could find and use those heads for their own world. Minecraft-Heads.com is the largest database concerning heads and used by many building teams (including Blockworks) and thousands of players and servers.

A few days ago, a lot of those heads vanished: On the 14th of june, we detected that 4.000 of the 15.000 heads from our custom head database vanished from the Mojang skinservers. Research about bugs or changed plans acquired nothing. We also don't know if the bug happened that day or a bit earlier - but that's how our worlds look now, if you use a "fresh installation" of Minecraft:

TextureBug TextureBug TextureBug TextureBug TextureBug More images...

Like mentioned above: We don't know if that's a bug or you had to clean the skins due to traffic, disc space usage or malware problems. We also don't know if you got a backup of all the files on the skinserver or not. But we know that this bug affects thousands of players!

As a few of those Minecraft players, we would please you to fix that bug - and I'm sure thousands of players out there are with us!

If you got problems to fix it due to unforseeable bugs, the team of Minecraft-Heads.com can assist you: As the largest database concerning custom heads, our give-codes and the corresponding textures which used to be on your skinservers are used by lots of players, servers and even building teams. Since the detection of the problem, we hardly worked on the retrieval of the skins. Thanks to the amazing help of this community, we already gained back a large parts of the skins from the skin cache folder on the local hard drives of the players (.minecraft/assets/skins). If you move those skins back on your server, the give-codes will "find" the skinfiles again and the heads will work again. If you don't fix that bug, we would have to regenerate the give-codes, update all 4.000 database-entries and the players would have to update all their projects with new heads.

Beside the fix of the bug, the team of Minecraft-Heads.com and the community of Minecraft builders is interested in the answer to the question, if » Dinnerbones statement on Twitter still counts, or if the idea of permanent custom heads is dead and we've to deal with those random problems. If the team of Minecraft-Heads.com can assist with some kind of whitelist for custom heads so you can make planned cleanups on the skinserver without affecting heads which are often used for decoration, we're willing to help here, too.

Dear Mojang - don't leave us in the dark! Please announce what happened and if you can fix this. If we can assist you, feel free to contact us: info@minecraft-heads.com

Best Regards

~LordRazen, the team of Minecraft-Heads.com, all the players of Minecraft

Other reports:


To the Minecraft community:


What happened?

Mojang deleted thousands of skins from their skinservers without any announcement or explanation. We reported the problem to Mojang, offered our help and hope they will fix the bug. Right now, we wait for their reaction. If you want to help, you can read what you can do below.

Right now, 28% of the custom heads don't work (about 4000 heads).


Why is there little attention to this problem right now? I still see all skins...

Most of you guys might not have realised the bug yet. The reason for this is a cache for skinfiles in your Minecraft folder: If you once used a head, Minecraft downloads the skinfile and saves it within "./minecraft/assets/skins". As long as the file exists there, the game doesnt have to download the skin from the Mojang skinservers. If you would like to see what this bug caused, rename the folder "skins" to "-skins" and restart your game. If you dont like what you see, you can delete the newly created folder "skins" and undo the renaming from above.

You might not see the bug on your computer, but if you own a server or if you create maps and share them, the other players don't have those skins in the cache folder - they'll see Steve laughing at the player. Also if you reinstall Minecraft, the skins won't be there and you only see Steve.


How YOU can help:

There're lots of ways you can help:

  • Upload your Minecraft skin cache folder to a filehost and send the link to us so we can try to retrieve the skins (check the chapter below).
  • Spread this post (but please do not spam)!
  • Follow and vote for our bug report at the Mojang Bug Tracker so Mojang notice the problem, maybe even create an own if you got the bug yourself:
  • Retweet our Twitter announcement:
  • If you got contact to a member of Mojang, report the problem to them so they can hand it over to the responsible persons.

Thanks a lot for all kind of help!


How to send your skin cache folder to save the head database:

Every player stores skins he once saw on a map in a cache-folder on his harddrive. This means - you guys might have skins on your harddrive which are lost on the Mojang skinserver and our database. So we need you to send us this folder so we can restore the database. To do so, follow the steps below.

If you use the plugin "Head Database", you got every skin stored on your hard drive you viewed within the plugin - so you should definitly send the cache folder to us!

  1. Enter the Minecraft-Folder: Type %appdata% in the explorer and enter the folder ".minecraft"
  2. Enter the folder "assets"
  3. In this folder you find the folder "skins" - compress the folder using Winzip, 7zip or Winrar
  4. Upload the file to some filehoster - here're some examples:
    1. https://www.file-upload.net/
    2. https://filehost.net/
    3. https://mega.nz/
  5. Send the link to the file to info@minecraft-heads.com

Beside this, if you're a skindesigner who made skins which are already submitted, name the skins after the ID and the name used in the database, pack the skins into a zip-file and send it, too.


How many skins are lost / could be recovered? (Update 25th June)

According to the latest counts only 62 skinfiles are still lost - all others could be retrieved!!!
You can see the 62 lost heads here: » Remaining Missing Skinfiles

If you can see any of those heads inside your Minecraft world - please send us your skin cache like described above. If you find the skins somewhere in the internet or created them yourself you can send us the file or the link to the skin to info@minecraft-heads.com.

So far, thanks to Lyera, Adurna, Kate2504, MissPrincess, Mulcho, Alessandro E., Aljaxus, Arcaniax, Ashton R., Benjamin R., BluePenDragon, cecilioacc, ChimpD, Colaman, cole, Cube B., David S., Dorsor W., Dungoralin, Endi Shadowcaster, EyeOfS4uron, fiba, Filehunter, Jonas B., Judith, Kay G., Kennnedy C., Luca C., Maik E., Mark, Mathew S., Mr Micky, Niek M., NotMyFault, ODJoker, Olaf, Otavio C., Paul C., schenki2, schenki23, schenki32, Sean G., Shaliquinn, Speedykiller1742, Stephen H., Stubsnäschen, Tenku, The Wrangler, Timmi6790, Urnoev, Wessel V. and Wyveres for your help sending us your skin cache!

Saving the skinfiles doesn't mean the give-codes and the heads inside Minecraft work again, but at least the creative work isnt lost and we can think of a solution for a fix. The easiest solution would still be to send all those files to Mojang so they can just reupload them to their server, but untill now they don't react.

So please go on spreading the news (but please don't spam!), retweet our post on twitter, follow our bug issue in the Mojang Bug Tracker and help us trying to get in touch with Mojang. Thanks a lot!