What's the difference between player heads and custom heads?

Player heads:
A player head is a skull that is linked to the current texture of a certain player in Minecraft. You can use those heads in any Java Minecraft version. Because the skull is linked to a player, the design will change to match the current skin worn by that player.

Minecraft-Heads regularly validates all player heads, updating or deleting heads that change too often or that do not reflect the label.

Despite our validation, there is still no 100% guarantee that a head won't change texture. If you use decorative heads a 1.8+ server, we recommend you use the more stable Custom Heads.

Custom heads:
A custom head is a skin texture stored permanently on Mojang's skin server. Custom heads are 1.8+ and assigned their own unique skin code from Mojang skin servers instead of a player name. This unique code acts as a placeholder for a player with unchanging skin. Because the skull is directly linked to the unique skin ID on Mojang's server, it acts as an unchanging player account, and the texture will always be stable.


I would like to create my own custom heads, how can I do that?

Simply create a Minecraft Skin. Focusing on the head portion of the skin.

You can design a completely new skin, or you can use an existing head as a base. You can download an existing head's skin file by going to the head page and selecting » Download at the top.

To create skin designs, some people use programs like paint.net, photoshop, and MCSkin 3D. You can also use free skin editors from sites like PlanetMinecraft, NovaSkin, and The Skindex.

When your skin is finished, upload the skin to your Java Minecraft account, and generate a give code using our custom heads generator.

Once you have created the give code, you can change your skin without it affecting the newly generated head.


How can I get those heads ingame?

If you are playing in Java Minecraft, you can use the give codes on our site, or a plugin like Head Database Plugin.

The give codes can be found on the head page when you select a head from our site. Choose the correct version of give code that matches the version of the game you are in. The give code is too long to fit into chat, so you must use a command block.

You must be in Op and Creative modes. You can use the Setblock command shown on the head page.

You can also manually summon a command block into game with /give @p minecraft:command_block 1. Enter the give code into the command block and activate the command block with a redstone pulse. The head will appear in the empty inventory slot of the player nearest to the command block.

Those commands don't work on my Server, why?

Those commands don't work on my Java Server, why?
  • Mojang only supports heads in Java MC.
  • Enable command blocks on your server.
  • Be connected to the internet.
  • Do not enter the give code into chat, use a command block. You will need to be OP and Creative Mode to use a command block.
  • Be in the the proper minecraft version/ match the proper givecode version to what you are playing in.
  • If you are only getting Steve heads, try /minecraft:give instead of /give. Sometimes, server plugins conflict with the /give command.
  • If in solo player, here is how to use a command block for summoning: Press Esc, enable LAN world, turn on creative, and enable cheats.

Can I get the texture from those heads, too?

Yes you can!

On Minecraft-Heads.com, you can find a link to download the texture on the top of every head page.

Only have the give code? You can copy the code between the quotation marks of the value section of a give code. Now go to the following website:


Paste the code into the upper text area and click decode. The decoded part will include the URL to the texture.

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Can I place those heads via command, too?

Yes you can!

On Minecraft-Heads.com, you can find a command to place the skull on every head's page.

If you want to build the command yourself - here's an example what you have to do:

Lets say you want to place a minichest via command. Here's the give-command from the database:

And this is the setblock-command for the same skull:

You can still see the ID and the value there, only the attribute-names changed a bit. There're also additional attributes possible:

SkullType: 3
It must be 3 for a human skull to be placed. Only those can adopt custom textures.

Rot: 1
With this tag you can set the rotation of the skull. Values between 0 and 15 are possible.

The number after "minecraft:skull":
With this number (1 in the example) you can decide where exactly to put the skull. 1 is on top of the block. 2 to 5 are the positions if you place a skull on the wall.This works together with the Rotation-Attribute, so you can place the rotated skull on the wall which is not possible in Vanilla-Minecraft.

Can I use those heads as equipment on monsters or armor stands, too?

Yes you can!

On Minecraft-Heads.com, you can find a command to place the skull together with an armor stand on every head's page.

You can use decoration heads on the head-slot of the NBT-Tag "ArmorItems" and on both slots of the NBT-Tag "HandItems". Here're two examples so you can see how it's done:

Custom head on the head-position of an ArmorStand:

Custom head in both hand-slots of an ArmorStand:

How can I generate Give-Codes for custom heads myself?

  1. Get the UUID of the account you want to generate a give-code from.
    Therefore, use the following link and replace NAME with the Minecraft playername.


    You get code looking like this:

  2. Next, you use the ID from the first part (marked bold in the example above) to get the encrypted path to the texture.
    Therefore, use the following link and replace UUID with the id from the first part.


    You get code looking like this:

  3. Now we need a new, random UUID for our command - you can use this website to get one:

  4. As final step we can compound the final command. You'll need the encrypted path from 2) and the UUID from 3). Paste everything into this command, optinal you can change the name of the head, too:

    /give @p skull 1 3 {display:{Name:"Name of the Head"},SkullOwner:{Id:"UUID FROM 3)",Properties:{textures:[{Value:"CODE FROM 2)"}]}}}

How to get the texture of a head which is placed already?

If you see a nice head somewhere in a map and you want to get the texture, you can get the link to it while using MCEdit: www.mcedit.net

First of all, you need the map with the custom head stored as map on your computer. If you see the head on a server, you can use mods like "Worlddownloader" to get a local copy of the world. Open this map with MCEdit and inspect the spot where the head should be with the button "Inspect Block". You won't see the head in the program, so keep in mind where it is. If you got the right spot, a dialog like the one below should open.

The rest is easy: Copy the symbols from the inputfield "Value" and decode it using the website below - you'll find the link to the texture in there.

end faq