This website contains two databases for minecraft decoration heads: The first database includes heads using the new give-commands from Minecraft 1.8 - those heads can not be used in older versions and there're no account-names you can use to get the decoration heads with those skins. In the second database, you can find the names of accounts with decorative skins - those decoration heads can be used in older versions, too.

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Minecraft 1.8+ ONLY All Minecraft versions

The heads are sorted in categories and tagged if useful. You can select the different categories after entering the Head-Database. The aim of this website is to provide a collection of high-quality and steady heads which are interesting for server-administrators and map-makers. The main focus is decoration and well-designed human skins which could be used for Questmaps.

Special thanks to all the skin-designers out there - this database wouldnt be possible without you!

15.12 We reorganise the website, so some parts might not work as intended right now. We keep it online so you're still able to find the heads - sorry for the inconvenience.