This website contains two databases for minecraft decoration heads: In the first database named "Player heads", you can find the names of accounts with decorative skins. Those decoration heads can be used in older versions of Minecraft, too. Since those heads are bound to an active player accounts the skins can change. We validate all player heads regularly to guarantee, that they still have the same texture as shown on the website. The second database named "Custom heads" include commands for heads using the new give-commands from Minecraft 1.8. Those heads can not be used in older versions and there're no accountnames you can use, but in contrast to the player heads, those heads never change their texture.

Player heads Custom heads
All Minecraft versions Minecraft 1.8+ ONLY
  Custom heads generator
  Server plugin: Head Database v3


The heads are sorted in categories and tagged if useful. You can select the different categories after entering one of the databases. The aim of this website is to provide a collection of high-quality and steady heads which are interesting for administrators and mapmakers. 

Special thanks to all the skindesigners out there - this database wouldnt be possible without you!

Latest News: 2017-06-16 - Loot tables with custom heads

Yesterday, the youtuber xisumvoid published a video about this website and the use of custom heads for loot tables in Minecraft. I took the idea and added a new function on every head's page which shows you the code for loot tables. Feel free to use it for your custom monster drops. If you want to see the original video from xisumvoid you can do this here.